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Default Re: 'Button A-B' and grey payphones.

Originally Posted by Darren-UK View Post
Deep within this page, under the year 1925, is a comment that some A-B's remained in use in Scotland until 1992.
That seems a more reliable date. Long before then the island exchanges (electronic units with a single connect path internally, with level 0 on a single channel VHF parented on Mallaig) such as RUM/Eigg/Muck/Canna, as part of the Highlands and Islands scheme had their radio links relocated with the abolishment of Mallaig manual exchange) to another manual exchange. I think it was Oban.

From memory this was pre 1978. In remote parts, the sub PO had one line, which also was used for the phonebox, via an isolating switch. What could have delayed some of them was the fact that a lot were Coronation boxes - placed on site in 1953 and requiring a lot more than just to be a lossmaker to be removed.
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