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Default Re: MK14 schematic revisions

I see you did get the reset line out to the keypad edge connector.

Regarding the 'P4' connector row which I assume is the new lower side of the top / rear edge connector, at which physical end of the connector will pin 1 be? The end nearest the regulator? Or the end nearest the four vertical resistors? I'm guessing you have numbered them in the same order as the corresponding VDU row pins rather than in the same order as the MK14 top side pins?

With respect to the (obviously unfinished) PCB layout, I don't see many mounting positions for supply decoupling capacitors. While this is authentic with respect to the original MK14 which has very few supply decoupling capacitors and somehow gets away with it, it would probably be better practice to provide a mounting position for a (ceramic) decoupling capacitor for pretty much every IC, if possible.

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