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Default Re: Sinclair Microvision from the NVCF

Originally Posted by Studio263 View Post
The same tube was used in the Thandar(?) portable oscilloscope that RS Components sold for years.
They were originally a Sinclair branded product: Then they were sold under the 'Thandar' brand and also as RS-branded, as were other former Sinclair test equipment products. I have one of the Sinclair branded examples, owned by me from new. Still works, but I am going to have to replace the rotary range / timebase switches as they have gone very noisy / intermittent (they are 'sealed' so there's no way to introduce switch cleaner).

There was some speculation that they were at least partly devised as a way of using up the unused Microvision tubes: The 'blue' appearance of the trace was achieved by putting a blue tinted graticule /filter in front of the plain white screen.
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