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Default Re: 1940's Motorola VT 71 tv

A couple of points. Increasing the value of capacitors above what the original design had, doesn't often help anything.

It can result in higher peak currents in the region of the rectifier/s or higher voltages in the set, and more charge storage when the set is turned off.

It is possible that this can result in issues like CRT beam afterglow and phosphor burn at turn off, especially if the scan collapses prior to the crt EHT supply and or the CRT grid goes more positive with respect to the cathode.

So I would initially at least keep the uF values close to standard and if it turns out the values need increasing for some particular reason later, do it then. Go for higher voltage versions if they are a similar size.

Twist lock capacitors are a type I do not bother to rebuild, because new parts are available from AES (re-manufactured new stock) and the re-build won't be as good. I rebuild many other types that have not been re-manufactured though.
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