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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

Originally Posted by joebog1 View Post
A small trick with spray cans!! Put them in a bucket of hot water before spraying.
This does several things,
1. Thins the paint a little so smaller atomisation.
2. Increases the pressure inside the can, so again better atomisation.
3. Allows thinner coats to be applied.
All the above make for "no orange peel" which is horrible to look at on something we look at very closely.
Spray cans ( good quality ones) are capable of excellent results.

A reasonable time in the hot water is advised!! Too long, or too hot and it may burst
( although I have never seen that happen ).
This was shown to me by an automotive panel beater/spray painter.

Wise warning!!

Back in about 1961 I worked in a laboratory and was testing the physical properties of aerosol cans for pharmaceutical use. One test involved placing the cans in a temperature controlled very hot waterbath.
A colleague removed one of the cans to apply a pressure gauge to the nozzle, but accidentally dropped the can.

The explosion was deafening, the base flew off the can and hit him in a very sensitive place. It was quite amusing to the others in the lab but the poor chap needed hospital attention.
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