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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

Originally Posted by Argus25 View Post
It depends a lot what base metal you are dealing with.

If it is a cast aluminium like metal it can be very difficult to get the new paint to stick well without an etch prime.
That was certainly the case years ago, but with the advent of epoxy primers, it is not an issue. It outperforms all the specialist (and reactive) primers of old. Properly prepared with 120 grit and clean, you will need a dangly grinder to remove it. Steel, aluminium, GRP, plastics, you name it, epoxy primer sticks like the proverbial and is totally inert once cured. It is also very flexible. That means that you don't have to worry about solvent sink or reactions spoiling the finish and it will even work on bumper rubbers etc.

It really is a wonder material, if you have no experience of it, I recommend that
you test it for yourself. It doesn't contain isocyanates, so no special PPE required, even for spraying.
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