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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

It depends a lot what base metal you are dealing with.

If it is a cast aluminium like metal it can be very difficult to get the new paint to stick well without an etch prime. I use Alodine which is used in the aircraft industry to prepare aluminium part prior to painting and then, for a task like a turntable (say a Garard 301 or similar) I have used enamel spray, VHT is by far the better spray enamel because you can bake it in a domestic oven, 80 to 90 Deg C is fine. And it sticks is very well to the primer and goes rock hard and scratch resistant with a nice gloss finish that looks like a professional paint job.

If it's Steel its a whole different ball of wax because you have rust to contend with. If it is not practical to take it to the electroplaters (have all rust removed and zinc plated) I use Fertan organic rust converter. Then directly over that I would use Holts automotive spray lacquer as it sticks very well to the Fertan film on the surface. If you have a look at the small Mullard speaker in the TRF radio I made recently on another thread, it was very rusty, treated with Fertan and sprayed with Holts brown metallic lacquer to restore its finish.
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