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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

Originally Posted by astral highway View Post
Thank you , Scimitar, this is very helpful. I’ll add ‘flow-out’ to my vocab!
1) what’s the difference between two-part epoxy primer like Lechler and two-part epoxy resin adhesive?
They are closely related. It is largely the amount of filler materials and pigments etc that make up the difference.

Originally Posted by astral highway View Post
2) can I successfully apply two-part epoxy primer as a finishing coat over cured yacht varnish? (This is for a historic reason, not starting from scratch )
You can but a) the primer is going to go chalky eventually with UV exposure and b) the whole lot will only be as good as the weakest link. In your case, the varnish. The best adhesion will result from stripping it off.

Originally Posted by astral highway View Post
3) And, when I do want a finishing coat, what is a good brand / source of small quantities of finishing coat to brush over the cured Lechler? This is for small areas but with a high aesthetic impact. Heat resistance is ideal .
Anything you like. The epoxy primer is inert and so aerosol car paint or anything else you choose will go on without issue. If you want it classy, I would go to a car paint supplier and get an aerosol made up of a metallic basecoat that you like and an aerosol of 1K lacquer.
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