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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

Originally Posted by astral highway View Post
Scimitar (post #11) and others , Iím following this with interest. If I brush or roller Lechler, do the rugosities or brush-strokes flatten out by themselves?
The technical term you are looking for is "flow out".

It is to do with how fast the solvents evaporate. The slower the evaporation, the better the flow out. If it dries too fast, there is not enough time for it to do so. You will see that problem with water based domestic paints.

It is unlikely that you will get a perfect surface when brushing or rollering, so expect to flat it back after curing (12 hours ish). I would use 120 grit dry before painting, then 320 grit dry followed by 500 and then 800 but finishing at 500 will do for most non metallic finishes.
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