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Default Re: Copper anti-corrosion experiments

Originally Posted by emeritus View Post
Vaseline (petroleum Jelly) is certainly good for water proofing, but its a little thick/gelatinous.

Also, for example, the Inox mx3 claims it contains no petrolium distillates, kerosine or petrochemical solvents, so its safe on plastics and electrical components etc.

The RP7 however leaves a very thin protective film and not obvious to see.

So I don't think vaseline is a great option for IC pins & sockets, or switches with lightweight contacts.

In repairing vintage computers with multiple IC sockets, there is often corrosion between the dissimilar metals of the IC pin and the socket claw. And sometimes the IC pins (particularly TI types) are steel and when the silver plating fails they rust. So after they are cleaned up it is a good idea to have some lubricant and corrosion inhibitor applied in a thin film. WD-40 works, but it disappears over 6 months and there is the issue with the copper. From what I have seen so far it looks like RP7 or Inox MX3 is the better choice there.
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