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Default Re: FRG-7. Very quiet

Originally Posted by Tyso_Bl View Post
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I measured the BC antenn socket to ground. 0.6 ohms. When the ATT is in the middle position.

87.9 ohms when in the DX position

9.6 ohms when in the local position.

Almost a short between ground and the alBC antenna signal terminal. Don’t think this is normal and may explain what is happening.
You are measuring the DC resistance of the the primary of the T101/2/3/4 front end transformers, look at the circuit diagram...

Quite right. Checked all the coils they are the same. Also did another test with a wire connected to the radio and the signal gen lead wrapped around the antenna wire. Could get a signal at 1mhz but had to crank up the high setting of the generator. This I think the radio seems to be working just incredible insensitive.

What should I see at TP107 ?
Does the first mixer IC fail ? I found no measurable output at pin 3 with my digital Cro.
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