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Default Re: Monkhouse Film and Video Archive

I well remember the Mad Movies programmes, and it's a shame they haven't been repeated. My understanding is that the US copyright amendment law of 1998 only provides for an extension of 20 years, and only affects works that were still in copyright in 1998. However, copyright law is fiendishly complex and it is possible for something to be out of copyright in the US but to still be in copyright in Europe, and vice versa.

I know from my days operating the 16mm projector at the students' union when I was at college in the 1960's that there were strict laws about charging for viewing films, even for films that you had paid to hire. Because we were less that 3 miles from the nearest cinema, we were not allowed to take money on the door per performance. Instead we had to be organised as a film club for which members bought a pad of tickets each term, to be handed in at each screening.
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