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Default Re: EMI Valve Scope Type B Amplifier - Free to a good home

This is a good point. TBH I hadn't given it a lot of thought. I jumped to the conclusion it was something akin to a Tek scope plug-in from a similar era, particularly as the I/P is 1Meg.

It has sockets for a complement of 10 valves. The input on the front is labelled as 1M / 30pF. If it has 10 valves then maybe it does quite a bit of work, i.e. will drive a healthy voltage into a low-Z load. It's a small enclosure for 10 valves to be close together. I'd like to imagine that whatever it came out of gave it plenty of ventilation. It's quite lightweight and has no transformers.

It is in perfect condition btw. The rotary switch feels like it's hardly ever been used. There is no wear to the silkscreen or any other signs to suggest it's seen much use. It has a chunky gold-plated male connector on rear, a little like a German Tuchel. It's definitely a plug-in module of some sort. Could it be TV / RF-related?

I was thinking it could be used to make a small SE guitar amp or similar, but now I feel I ought to hold onto it and try and find someone who can use it for its intended purpose (I might be waiting a while, though

A quick Google search reveals that EMI made a device called a 'scopemeter'. Here is a link:

Scopemeter in above link only had 6 valves, though.

The 1M / 30pF input could reveal something, no? I started to wonder if it came out of a VTVM, but 10 valves in one module? A mainframe, incorporating a VTVM?
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