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Default Re: EMI Valve Scope Type B Amplifier - Free to a good home

LOL! That was what went through my head when I saw it in the skip on the way to work (I once knew a guy who found an ARP synth in a skip, so I thought Christmas had come early for me!). I got it to work, but on the way popped into my friend who's a valve gear afficianado. It transpired that he'd already seen the EMI unit that morning and had told the owner that the only parts of value were the tubes. It would appear that said owner had dumped it in the skip having seen my friend, but after trousering the valves.

I'd say I'm 90% sure it's from a scope, and about 99% sure it's test gear, not an EMI Redd valve console (gutted!).

The skip was outside a house undergoing restoration. I reckon someone found it in the garden shed during said renovation. Maybe previous owner was a radio ham or similar.
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