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Default Re: Wiring a 110V two-phase motor?

Homes an d light commercial premises in the US get a "110-0-110" supply. Cookers get connected across the full thing and see 220v in reality this may be more like 120-0-120 =240 but it still gets called one-ten and two-twenty.

So the centre tapped supply is two lines of 110, but in opposite phase. Can be called two-phase. Two phase means the phases are 360/2 degrees =180 degrees different. No capacitors needed!

America distributes 110-0-110 services as secondaries on the three phase transformer so you could say they have six phase distribution with each line 110 with respect to ground.

For that Klaxon motor, you have to decide whether it's for 55-0-55 meaning 110v total and two phases Or 110-0-110 it isn't clear from what's on the plate.

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