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Default Re: Help getting Motor to Run on TK20

Yes the TK 20 and similar TKs are not built for easy access to many of the components.

My TK 20 still has all its horrible black Wima paper capacitors, many as you say are really difficult to access. I think I checked the most important one, the grid coupling cap to the output pentode.

I have stayed with the Selenium bridge rectifier as it works fine, of course for long term reliability good to replace with Silicon diodes but I personally would not bother restuffing the old rectifier because one normally will never see it.

Certainly would be a lot easier to remove the relay for contact cleaning but does look a nightmare to access/remove, I would say possible to clean the contacts in situ and I would not contemplate removing the relay unless proven that the contacts are the problem.

The 50k R45 by the way is the large red resistor in my previous photos on the top right side of the relay.

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