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Default Re: Help getting Motor to Run on TK20

Carmine in your first post you said "voltage across the motor cap is only measuring in mA".

Not sure if you actually meant mA (i.e. current) I do not think you would measure much if anything current wise across the run capacitor. You will measure voltage across the run capacitor but not full motor voltage.

Relay A would only normally energise (and open normally closed contact A2) if the Auto Stop contacts are bridged, which is unlikely to be the case here. There is a parallel circuit across the Auto Stop contacts of contacts A1 and B2, not sure what their functionality is but consider they should not cause relay A to energise under normal conditions.

When you power up the unit (with HT fuse fitted) you will be able to physically see and hear if relay A is actually energising, if it is you could temporarily disable it (to be able to test the motor) by disconnecting one end of 50kOhm resistor R45.

If relay A is not energising/been disabled then contact A2 should be closed, switching one side of the mains through to the motor. If A2 is stuck open or very badly oxidised (as Uncle Bulgaria suggests) then that possibly could explain the lack of motor voltage.

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