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Default Re: Help getting Motor to Run on TK20

The motor will always be powered when the TK 20 is switched on. The only time the motor will not be powered is when the metal/conductive strip (if present) on the tape leader bridges the Auto Stop contacts and energises the coil of the Auto Stop relay A which opens contact A2.

Contact A2 connects the motor to the 220VAC tap on the primary of the mains transformer (when A not energised). The input side of the C32 Motor Run capacitor connects to one side of the on/off switch (live or neutral depending upon how the mains plug is wired)

The fact that you have HT voltage at the 100mA HT fuse means that the 400mA mains fuse must be OK so you should be getting 240 volts to the mains transformer primary (assuming the mains voltage selection switch is all OK), so there should be 220V getting to the input side of A2.

So unless you have some sort of bad connection on the relevant connections it looks like your Auto Stop relay may be energising.

With the HT fuse not fitted then the relay cannot energise, so try the motor and check for AC volts. If still no voltage then maybe the A2 contact has gone open circuit/stuck open, try linking it out in this case.

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