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Default Help getting Motor to Run on TK20

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Hi, could I please ask for some help in trying to get the motor to run on my Grundig TK20? I picked up this Grundig last Sunday from our local CBF and am in the process of restoring it. Before attempting anything electronically and having cleaned the machine and so on, not knowing the history of the machine I thought I would get the motor going warming it up slowly on a variac whilst disconnecting the 100mA HT fuse. Unfortunately the motor isnít turning. I checked the motor capacitor which is measuring 2.6uf instead of 1.2uf and temporarily replaced with 2 motor caps in parallel that make up 1.2uf however nothing is happening. I confirm that there is an HT supply on one side of the 100mA fuse but voltage across the motor cap is only measuring in mA so Iím suspecting itís something to do with contact A2 which I guess is the auto-stop relay? I donít have a SM of the machine and Iím rather stuck as I donít know this machine very well. I restored my TK5 last year and can see that this will be just as challenging to get to those Wima black toffee caps. I donít know how to get the AC voltage across the motor to let it run gently and warm it up. Iím probably missing something obvious.
Many thanks.
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