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Hi all,
I've been re-stuffing the waxies on the underside of the timebase chassis of the Baird. Now I turn my attention to the electrolytics...
The first photo shows a metal bodied electrolytic who's can might have been shorting against the tag next to it. This would be one reason for the burn up in the line output stage. Anyway, it is not original, so I set out to make up a cardboard one copied from others in the set.

I obtained a spare Plessey capacitor of the right size and different value. First I removed the label and pulled off the lead out wires by waggling them until they snapped.
Then (picture 2) I drilled a 0.8mm hole just under the rivet on each end cap.

The capacitor is then sliced open (picture 3) and the insides removed.

A new capacitor is fitted with extended lead out wires which are threaded through the holes that were drilled in the end caps (picture 4).

The end caps were then glued in with UHU, the cut slot was also glued with UHU and a single layer of sellotape was wound round to hold it together whilst the glue set.
The tape was left on, but covered up by covering with a lablel of the correct value which I had made by colour photocopying it from one of the other capacitors in the set (which was also rebuilt).

Finally the capacitor was put back in place of the metal bodied one. You can see this at the top of picture 5. The capacitor that was copied is at the bottom of the picture and the three waxies at the bottom end have also been re-stuffed. Note the burnt out resistor has been replaced with a new one and the damaged wiring re-sleeved.

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