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Default Re: Signal generator terminology query

Hello Richard,
Welcome to the Forum. There are a few of us in the north of Scotland, but not many.
I assume from your initial posts regarding a Hacker VHF that perhaps you are considering acquiring a signal generator? As a new guy to radio repair & restoration, you might consider thinking in a "left to right" manner when reading circuit diagrams, and subsequently setting up a testing & repair workbench. I.e. Most, if not all circuit diagrams, have the Aerial & RF input stages on the left, IF stages in the middle, and Audio stages on the right. So a AM/FM HF & VHF Sig Gen on the left, an Oscilloscope capable of VHF in the middle, and an Audio Sig Gen on the right, along with an Audio Wattmeter. Plus a decent AVO8 Multimeter & a decent Digital Multimerer for fault finding, etc.
Me - I'd recommend a Marconi TF995A RF Sig Gen or one of Marconi's later & smaller 2000 series S/G's. Audio-wise, maybe a Farnell Function Gen which produces a decent basic AF signal, plus the additional square & sawtooth signals. Hameg produce a decent range of reliable Oscilloscopes.
Hopefully some Forum folk, with more "Tranny" & domestic radio experience than me, can advise you in more depth. Unless you've got deep pockets, don't jump into eBay & other internet sites before seeking advice.
If you've got the time, a trip down to a Golborne BVWS Swapmeet, should enable you to chat to a heap of Forum & BVWS guys, and hopefully acquire some decent test equipment.
Pity you weren't on the go about 6 years ago, I could've given you the whole caboodle for nowt, to get you started.

Regards, David
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