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Default Re: No LW/MW receive - Sony ST-S311

0v line looks ok. Supplies look ok. Band switching looks fine.

There is no reception on either LW or MW, which I think means I can probably rule out the band switching itself, as i'd expect to only lose one band. FM works fine, so I can rule out all that side and the PLL, plus the post IF and control sides. It does seem to just leave the LA1245!

Ive ordered one from Littlediode. I might be out of pocket by a fiver, but, knowing how this receiver has been used, and the fact it performed flawlessly for years and only failed after a bizarre lash up of around 150ft of 50 ohm coax and a bodged CB antenna were put on as a supposed stop-gap for monitoring a particular service, plus the fact that there is no protection on the antenna terminals, its definitely chief suspect!
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