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Default Homebrew SSB Transceiver

Hi Peeps...... Now the Exciter and receiver sections are complete... I am turning my attention to the PA. I bought a 150W Linear kit from Ebay... and its still to be constructed...however one or two questions have now cropped up.
1. Meter. At present my meter is monitoring the RF level to the input of the second mixer... i.e post 9 mhz filter..thus I get an idea of signal strength on receive.. and on TX the modulation or drive "if you like" . Should I monitor the PA Current ? or what other points do you suggest.

2. Power switching. I have bought a SMPS with an output of 12V @ 20A. On transmit would you switch the DC Output or the AC input ? Obviously the DC end would require BIG contacts... however the relay is connected it will have a delay of 1 second to allow the aerial and other relays to have operated.

The exciter has a dedicated psu...

Your thoughts would be appreciated
Should get out more.

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