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Default Re: Grundig TK27 - Low audio output

Thanks to all, and David for measuring the AC voltage with the black wire disconnected. Much appreciated.

I reconnected the black transformer wire to PIN 5 and we have 283V HT now, its higher than the normal, because i have a new 4x Diode bridge.

So, i tried play, and its again a little louder, but no where near what it should be!! lol. The quality is excellent, the high notes are super clear. Tried many different tapes as well.

So, now that the power supply is ok, i will move onto testing the EL95 amp with a direct signal injection, at the input cap, will also check the voltages in the AMP.

The volume control is a suspect, as it reaches max volume about mid way, and nothing much happens after, and in fact at the MAX, its slightly lower volume.

Will try to record as well, once i work out what pins are the input.

Next attempt at the weekend.
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