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Default Re: PYE TT1 - First Transistor Portable UK TV

First of all, thank you to Neil P for those helpful points. I was going to look/check the smooothing caps but have just noticed that they are both 10,000 uf which is not the 'usual' size that I keep so changing them may be a challenge for a while. I do know (or was told) that the set spent most of its life being run off a lorry battery because the person who owned it lived in a house with no mains electricity (true!). However, the house was deep in the country. And, moving on to Fernseh's points, the battery is also missing from my set and the wiring that I assume was for the battery has been snipped/partly removed. Not sure that I'll go to the length of making up a 10v battery /substitute but I'll certainly follow up on the components suggested by Neil.

Once again, thank you all
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