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Default Re: PYE TT1 - First Transistor Portable UK TV

Thank you Fernseh, that is all very helpful information and now I understand the free running point. I have changed all the wax caps anyway and now that I have the circuit diagrams (thank you) I now have a map to follow, which will help.

I have been 'playing' with the set for most of the day and resolved the 'buzzing' that I mentioned. It was simply a wire that had come adrift. All resoldered and noise gone. I have a picture which is ok-ish. It locks and with a fair amount of fettling the contrast, sensitivity and brightness controls the picture is watchable. However, it is a bit 'soft', with a slow 'ripple' effect continually scrolling up the screen and the sound is distorted so I think I have some more work to do.
I took the case apart and removed the tube for a good cleaning including the plastic front screen and the side knobs which have been polished and the lettering re-done with a gold paint stick. It is all back together now and looks quite presentable. As you say an interesting set and not one that I have seen before.

I presume that it had an external telescopic aerial(s) and some sort of a front cover because there are two hinge connectors monted on the bottom of the front - your's has them too. Are you aware of either of these features and what the hinges are for?

Thanks again for the information.
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