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Default PYE TT1 - First Transistor Portable UK TV

Good evening

I have just acquired this. Why, because I liked its looks and its very '60s'. All transistors (26) and a valve EHT rectifier. Got it home, adopted the gung ho approach and powered it up. Nice line whistle but no picture. Hooked up the Aurora and there was life, albeit just a thin white line across the screen. So, I think its another one of those sets that doesn't produce a raster unless a signal is present

I was unsuccessful in locating a schematic - there doesn't appear to be a Trader Sheet (not on my BVWS discs anyway) and nothing apparent on the interweb.

So, having worked out how to extract the chassis I noted numerous wax caps alongside the more 'modern' components. They were changed for new ones and some sort of a picture appeared. After various twiddling, the best I could produce was an image (of the Test Card) that was almost a 'negative' in appearance. Switched it off as I noticed one more cap that I had missed. That was replaced and when switching it back on again shortly after it had 'warmed up' there was (and still is) a loud buzzing from the speaker which didn't vary much when using the volume control. It sounds like the sort of interference experienced when an electric motor is running nearby. I have checked for any loose/touching connections and have re-checked all the joints soldered when re-capping.

I am embarrassed to admit that I am now stumped. I have heard this buzzing before when 'doing' a TV but I can't recall the cause or remedy.

Are any of you worthy folks familiar with this set (I have searched the Forum to no avail)? I would really appreciate sight of a circuit diagram and any information about this model - as I say there's nothing I can on the web so its all a bit of a mystery.

Any help will be gratefully received.

Many thanks.
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