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Default Re: Ferranti TC1004. Baptism of fire.

A quick up-date. I’ve fitted new capacitors to replace the smoothing block and can report that the LOP stage is working, but seems to be loaded somehow. I can draw an AC arc from the EHT rectifier but only about half an inch. The EHT rectifier heaters are not red, but I do have a blue glow from the 30P4, which I assume is unwanted. I’ll have a look around the output stage in a few days, because I have been told (in no uncertain terms,) by my wife, to get on with jobs outside. The top of the line output transformer is showing signs of starting to fall apart, but as long as I don’t touch it, it should be Ok for now. I have seen pictures of how they have been re-built and that will be a job for the future.
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