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Default Re: SMITHS "servomotor" 1111SCM-2

Now that's interesting...

This indicator has an electronics moule that interfaces with the motors and synchros. I believe it's probably the servo amplifier. It takes signals from the flight data computer and sets the indicator position accordingly.

This module has some parts I've not yet deciphered, pretty much slim black boxes with wire lead protrusions. I have a feeling they may be very early transistors (as there are no valves in the module), but will do some tests to see if there's a PN junction voltage across any of the leads. However, they could be these 'hybrid bricks' mentioned.

I don't intend on using the module as I have no pin-out information on it, so after an age of reverse engineering it, I may end up blowing it up anyway. This is why I want to go straight onto the motors snd synchros with my own circuit, as I have more chance of success as I already have info on them.

Cheers, Scott
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