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Default Re: Kolster-Brandes MR10

Originally Posted by crackle View Post
If the resistor you have arrowed as R39 is the brown green brown then I believe it is R29. The 10k resistor behind this area is odd, I cant find it on the schematic at all.
Thanks Mike - the resistor I have arrowed is R31 and according to the schematic should be 15kΩ - brown-green-orange.

As Lawrence has correctly pointed out this connects Pin 1 on V2 to to the rear of S1 (contact 8) - thanks for that emendation.

R31 is shown more clearly in this picture - only seems to have two bands, green and orange??

Click image for larger version

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The other brown-green-brown resistor shown in both our pictures is indeed R29 (150Ω) and this is connects L5 in the 1st FM.IF to the rear of S1 (contact 12).

Mike - I have a good stock of metallised polyester film capacitors (630V) that I would normally use to replace old waxy and paper types, including the Hunts. I noticed that you have used different types of capacitors to replace C15, C44 and C45.

Any reason for this and what replacement types have you used - thanks again?
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