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Default Re: Kolster-Brandes MR10

Originally Posted by DonaldStott View Post
In Post #9 above I mentioned the underside of V2 which is the 9-pin Mullard ECF82 and how busy things were at that location. This next picture shows this in more detail where we have three Hunts Mouldseals and two resistors (22kΩ and 220Ω) but I cant seem to relate these to the schematic?
220 ohm = mixer cathode bias....R32

22kohm = oscillator grid leak....R35

The three capacitors...clockwise..

1) In the circuit the position of C45 ?

2) In the circuit position of C44 ?

3) In the circuit position of C15 ?

Circuit refs are per the manufactures manual.

It should be easy for you to see what they are connected numbers etc...let the forum know.


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