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Default Re: Kolster-Brandes MR10

Originally Posted by crackle View Post
The Wave Band knob should have Gold, Red & Green dots for the MW, LW, and FM bands. The Blue dot is the gram position.
Looking at the knob from the right of the radio then turning fully clockwise should be MW (yellow dot), then Next click is LW (red Dot) then next click is FM (green dot)
The odd thing is the colours on the dial do not go in the same order as the coloured dots on the waveband knob.
Do you have the little gold pip which indicated which colour you are on or is it missing.
Interesting but my Wave Band knob has lettering that says VOLUME while the on/off switch tone control says OFF-TONE: -

Click image for larger version

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The knobs at the front of the set for tuning and volume are smaller and have the gold inserts: -

Click image for larger version

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I do have the little gold pip which, in addition to the function you mention, appears to have been used to connect the internal plate aerial on the inside of the set.

Click image for larger version

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