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Default Re: Telequipment D63 - any opinions?

Thanks for the comprehensive info. Somehow I managed to miss your site when searching around. Lots of useful info on there. Feel much more confident about it now.

Sounds like a useful scope even without any SA modifications. Storage version would be nice but alas they seem to be pretty rare. Did miss a batch of two that went on ebay a while ago for less than 4 though! The sweep rate on this SA is currently around 30Hz so any reasonable persistence phosphor should be ok. I'm currently using it with my PM3217 which is usable. Log amp doesn't work very well yet though (it's a low noise opamp with CA3096 array for feedback and tempco rather than a proper one!) so I'm not sure what the outcome will be for the SA yet.

I had a D83 a number of years ago (paid my usual 10 for a scope!) and it was marvellous machine. Best tube on a scope every. Regret selling it.

Will see if I manage to get my hands on it in the next few days and post back.

Thanks again.
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