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Default Re: Amateur radio licence single exam to full

Well I just passed the foundation on Wednesday. I went to Essex Ham for the fast track course. TBH prior to that I got 21-23 in the mock tests but I didn't know the procedures, band plans and regulations. The safety, EMC and rest was obviously a doddle. I've not looked at anything intermediate and get around 40 in the mock tests. I'll sit it ASAP.
To be fair I actually like the three teir approach as I for one get terrible mental blocks in exams so going straight for a single exam would not work for me.

I think to say the foundation is for kids is grossly unfair as we all have different levels and ways of learning. If you are committed it makes no difference what age you are and at what level you attain, people should be encouraged by licensed amateurs to join and enjoy the hobby not be thought of as an annoying kid.
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