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Default Re: Amateur radio licence single exam to full

I have to say I support this move for the reasons some have suggested, if you already have some degree of technical ability you don't necessarily want to be force-taught how to solder or how to put a plug on a cable, although there is some merit in the idea that any such people lumped in with a group of beginners will (hopefully) have a positive effect and generously assist the learners in the group to the best of their ability.

When I originally sat the R.A.E, which at the time was very similar to the one-shot process proposed now, I didn't do the one year C&G course and instead just bought the 'book of the course' and worked through that paying particular attention to the operating procedure and rules bits, and then got myself booked for the exam which I passed first time. At the time I had already been working as a repair technician for decades and been interested in 2-way radio since my teens.

I'm sure that anyone who is now in the same situation would appreciate the opportunity to self-study and just sit the full exam, just as I did.
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