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Default Re: Amateur radio licence single exam to full

I think there should be three tiers still. It’s a more effective filter for people who shouldn’t be operating a radio.

What really puts people off is not the RSGB or the exams but how awfully disorganised the clubs are. It was damn near impossible to find any that did any exams near me or even could work their email. Ended up using ML&S who were great.

The key thing is not restructuring the exams but making them more accessible. The practical stuff was nearly pointless so blow past the clubs and let people do stuff via usual rented test centres like IT certs and online and job done.

Modernising is actually recognising what the problem is and fixing it, not trying to reorganise the same turd again.

Edit: if you’re reasonably competent the first two exams are very easy but I did learn a lot getting them done. It’s important not to skip that learning.
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