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Default Homemade Teletext decoder (based on Mullard Module)

Clearing out a cupboard I came across a Teletext decoder box I put together in the late 80s based on a Mullard VM 6101 module. The module has these 4 ICs:

SAA5020 Teletext Timing Chain Circuit
SAA5030 Teletext Video Processor
SAA5040A Teletext Control and Data
SAA5050 Teletext Character Generator

I gutted a push button telephone to make the keyboard, and it plugged the box into a Grundig portable 14" TV (long gone) which had a SCART socket plus a DIN socket for fast video blanking.

I'm sure I had the datasheet for the module but I can't find it, can anyone oblige please?


PS As to generating Teletext, I think last time I used a VCR with some suitable recordings off-air.
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