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Default Re: Ice Speedmaster 8000 what's it worth?

It needs companion PC software specific to the Speedmaster / Micromaster range in order to be usable, so if you have the software disc(s) which came with it that would increase its perceived value, although it might be best to check that they are still readable.

A 1994 advert in Elektor shows these priced at 645 which was about average for high end device programmers at that time - this one is a little bit unusual in so far as it is a gang programmer which can program up to eight devices at once, side by side.

You are unlikely to get anything like its original price but if it is anything like my ICE Micromaster 1000 it can probably program some interesting old devices such as Fusible-Link bipolar PROMs which are not supported by many modern device programmers, so it may find interest from the right buyer at the right time.

As usual, the advice is to check closed/sold listings for the same unit on auction sites to see what they have actually sold for in the past.
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