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Default Texas Instruments TI-99/4A UK PAL Modulator.

Hi All,

A while back I picked up a TI-99/4A from a local antiques store, it was really cheap and I really only bought it because I bought a couple of tape recorders and the guy gave me the computer really cheap, it had the power supply but no modulator (he said he had the modulator but couldn't find it) I kind of knew he wouldn't find it though.

Is there anywhere I can get a PAL modulator? or is there a similar item that might do the job from another computer maybe? I could mod a modulator to composite video if I had one but I'm stuck without it, they never seem to come up on any of the auction sites.

I have read a few people just use a din plug to get component out, I asked Ian at retro computer shack (I use his spectrum RGB-SCART cables excellent quality) but he said the signal isn't exactly compatible with modern tv component and didn't want to make a lead up for it.

What are my options? I don't even know if the computer works yet until I get a modulator.

I'm kind of excited about this computer as I never heard of them back in day I only ever had a Vic 20 and a Spectrum.
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