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Default Re: Using 5.25-inch BBC Micro Floppy Drive with a PC

Disk drives with a 34-way data connector and 4-way power connector are pretty much the same. You can use drives from IBM PCs on a BBC, but not necessarily the other way around. Well, they'll work, sort of, but might not be readable anywhere else .....

IBM PC drives are double sided, 40 tracks. BBC Micro drives can be single or double sided, and 40 or 80 tracks. You shouldn't write 40-track disks on a 40/80-track switchable drive.

The BBC expects drives to be jumpered as 0 ("drive 2" is the other side of drive 0, if it has two heads) and 1 (similarly 3) whereas the PC expects both drives to be jumpered as 1 and uses a twist in the ribbon cable to swap over the select signals.

Also the BBC disks are formatted as ten sectors of 256 bytes, whereas MS-DOS uses 9 sectors of 512 bytes.
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