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Default Re: Retired Texas TI99/4A engineer needs help please.

Thanks to Ron (ronbryan) I now have 2 fresh 723 regulator chips. Very generously donated.
So I thought I would 'scope the oscillator chip first.
Cleared some space on a very cluttered bench for the scope and set everything up.
Bah! The Telequipment 'scope has gone up in smoke! The other one is buried under lots of radios that I have put away.

So I'm discouraged and getting pressed for time now, pretty sure that the oscillator chip, TL331 is not working either. Briefly fitting a 723 did nothing.

Got to pack up and mothball the workshop in preparation for going away for winter. Its going to have to wait till late March when I get back.
Thanks to all for the assistance. Watch this space next year!

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