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Default Re: Large inductor lathe wound to a spec?

Just a quick update:

-Although there's no huge rush I do want to feel I'm making progress. If by the end of Friday , no-one announces being able to do the machining, I will change tactics.

-If it's ok by the mods, I can confirm that I will offer a nominal fee of 60 for the successful machining and winding. I pay postage and packing on top.

-If no takers I will drop the machining and produce a new spec which is much simpler, just to close wind the requisite number of turns using a lathe at around 15rpm. For that I will offer a nominal fee of 30.

-Once again , please post only if you are considering doing the work , and please drop me a PM too. I don't want people to waste their efforts.

-I'd like the work to be complete by the end of the first week of November.
Thank you folks
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