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Default Re: Large inductor lathe wound to a spec?

Originally Posted by mark_in_manc View Post
If you can't find someone to do the whole job, I can do the turning bit for you, but not the winding bit, I think.
Thank you, Mark! That's very encouraging. Richard (above) is going to have a look to see if he can groove and wind as well, but at this stage, nothing is certain.

Richard, as a courtesy to you, shall we say that we'll wait until you've decided if you can and want to take this on? and then I can announce whether the problem is resolved or if I'm still looking for someone to do it?

If that isn't possible, I may very likely come back to you, Mark, to ask you to do the groove, although ideally I could tempt you to have a go at the winding, as well.

Please could I ask people to from now on only to post if you're interested and capable of doing the machining and winding.

Please no more suggestions for other ways to tackle the problem outside this forum. I'd appreciate it, it keeps the thread clear and on message.
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