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Default Re: Large inductor lathe wound to a spec?

If you can't find someone to do the whole job, I can do the turning bit for you, but not the winding bit, I think.

There's a big lathe at work which will handle the tube. You'd need to tell me thread pitch, depth and form (BSW? UNC? ), and about how long (and what tune do you want on it? Oh no, that's for a thread on Edison phonographs). I'd turn more grooves than you need. There's even a yard near here where I recently bought a scrap length of that brown pipe (which was white on the outside, it had been laying around outside so long) for almost no money, to make something else - which might save you sending the tube here. I have an offcut / could repeat the microwave test.

I could do that in a lunchtime and be confident I'm not going to mess your job up or land myself in a time-consuming corner. I don't have that confidence about the winding bit - I'd do it with my wire for my job, but I don't want to tell you I can do it and then it up or tie myself up for two weekends. Cost would be a few quid for my habitual charitable collection / extortion (Christian Aid are coming up for another of those DFID donation-matching things).

So this offer is only useful if someone with winding experience wants to take the second part on. If that person had a smaller lathe, that might still work if they pushed the tailstock might down to the far end, sat the toolpost next to it out the way, and got over the top of it (the toolpost) with an extended tailstock quill to pick up the end of the tube with a bung in it, with a centre. Then they could do their dextrous winding thing.

I'll bring a tiny offcut of the scrap tube home from work to play with in case you don't get a better offer, but I hope you do !

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