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Default Re: Goblin D26 Teasmade

All Teasmades from the 1930s to the 1970s are pretty similar in how they operate. The D26 is the "bring your own teapot" variant; which is even simpler, as it does not include the "teapot present" switch

The base on which the kettle sits actuates a changeover switch. When the kettle is full of water, the base rocks down and the changeover switch sends power from the timer switched contacts (connected to the moving contact) to the kettle heating element. When most of tbe water has been transferred (by steam pressure) to the teapot, the base rocks up and the switch contact changes over. Now power from the timer switched contacts is diverted to the buzzer and lamp.

If the kettle is placed on its base with no water in it, then the timer contacts will already be connected to the buzzer as soon as the hour hand of the clock reaches the set time. (Note that the set time is supposed to be when the kettle has finished boiling, so the switch contacts actually close several minutes before the hour hand reaches the indicated time.)

You should be able to do all the tests you need with a simple multimeter and the Teasmade not connected fo the mains. The symptom of "no alarm / kettle never switches off" sounds as though the changeover switch is stuck in the .""down" / "kettle full" position.
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