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Default Re: 807 (maybe) amplifier build. Now EL34

Here's the schematics for the amplifier. There is the odd drawing mistake.

Thankyou Joe, your appreciation/support is welcome.

Am aware of inefficiency of speakers David, the weak ling in the audio chain, or one of em.

Thanks for pointers Chris, I'll tackle it one day in the week.

I've personally found that after about a watt or so, my ears can't really detect any incremental increase in loudness. The main joy of listening to loud music is the bass hitting you in the guts, turning your diapragm into a driver of sorts. I end up with a girt big silly grin on my mush for some odd reason. Maybe this is an atavistic reaction to do with drums.

Anyhoo, I digress. Re, the amp etc circuits; any thoughts, comments or constructive criticism welcome.

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Name:	Amp PSU cont - gnd detail.jpg
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Name:	Protection, clipping ind, VU meter driver..jpg
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Name:	CCGS, PS, KF.jpg
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Name:	EL34 120W UL PP Amplifier - OP stage.jpg
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