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Default Re: Paint to refresh engraved markings...

Originally Posted by Nicko View Post
Most of the panel stays at a reasonable temperature, but part of it is above the grill and can get pretty hot when the door is open...
That does make a difference - you don't want anything waxy dribbling out of the markings!

I'll put myself in the Humbrol camp, or a similar enamel type paint. Have you considered high-temperature engine or brake calliper paints? I know POR-15 do a few different colours for that market.

Perhaps try Humbrol in the one over the grill, and if it doesn't bake on but comes off, try something more resistant. In my experience of Airfix, heat set Humbrol faster. Good for impatient children, as long as the model doesn't droop under the onslaught.
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