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Default Re: Cleaning B&O Hifi Cabinet parts

Originally Posted by paulsherwin View Post
Foaming cleanser works well, but be very careful with lettering. I was once cleaning a Technics cassette deck and to my horror the lettering started to wipe off. I managed to save most of it, but have been very careful ever since.

I also wrecked a Philips tuning scale ages ago when I leapt in without knowing any better.
Thanks for the heads up Paul-yes made that fatal mistake myself many many years ago on my First day in a workshop! But much the wiser now and the foam claener is very good but mainly for cabinets etc as a general wipe over and rarely use on facias especially anythinhng old as like you say the decals etc were of a different state of etching properties rather than engraved or laser cut.But even then can be issues but great advice and duley noted-Thankyou
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