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Default Re: New Aurora converter - help wanted with review

My review will appear in the next BVWS bulletin. Thanks to Gerry Wells, John Thompson and Graham Davis who made TVs available and gave encouragement.

I don't want to pre-empt the printed review but there is no doubt that the new Aurora is a very good design and good value at around 150. At the NVCF we had the chance to compare the Aurora directly with David Robinson's design. Both modulators use the same Freescale chips. On ch9 the performance was almost identical, even when we attenuated the signals which tends to cause more patterning. We did not have time to do comprehensive trials on all channels but we noted that ch10 was still the most susceptible to patterning though the effect was small. To minimise or eliminate patterning there are 2 golden rules.
  • Don't attenuate or split the signal (use a distribution amp to feed multiple sets)
  • Use good quality cable and connections.
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