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Default Re: Blaupunkt CR43 Pre-out

As an ex-I.C.E. service engineer, I can confirm that the adapter shown in Goldie 99's post is basically what is needed, although a 2-channel version may be available-it's been almost 24 years since I worked for a Blaupunkt Dealer so I'm not au fait with the current range of connectors and adapters. The 8-pin DIN Plug & socket contains LH & RH Audio channels using pins 1,4, 3,5, & 2, a switched +12v line on pin 8 (center pin) and + & - 12v on pins 6 & 7. 7 607 855 091 is the Blaupunkt Part No. for the lead shown, but whether that lead is still available 15 years on I do not know! N.B. Julie is correct about the top part of that 8-pin plug being indentical with the common 5-pin DIN Plugs & Sockets, though the cables used for car audioincluded an outer screen not always found in domestic audio leads. Additionally if a 5-pin DIN plug was used, the switching line for the added amplifier would need to be taken from the 'Automatic Aerial ' terminal on the CR43-all BP Stereos were fitted with this connection. The supply and earth connections on the added amp. can be connected directly-via a suitable fuse- directly to suitable points in the vehicle.

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